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Mirror 10 Inch Car Video Recorder 1080P

Mirror 10 Inch Car Video Recorder 1080P

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Brand Name: E-ACE

Frames Per Second: 30

Chipset Manufacturer: HUAWEI


View angle: 170°

Number Of Lenses: 2

Screen Ratio: NONE

Interface: Micro SD/TF

NightShot Function: YES

Video Code: H.264

Original Package: YES

Loop-Cycle Recording Feature: YES

Audio Recorded: YES

Camera Resolution: 1920x1080

Warranty: 365day

Special Features: Display Rotate

Special Features: With Rearview Mirror

Special Features: Bult in GPS

Special Features: Anti Surge Voltage Impact

Special Features: Anti Fog

Special Features: Real Time Surveillance

Special Features: Automatic White Balance

Special Features: Wide Dynamic Range

Built-in Screen: YES

Video Format: MP4

Touch Screen: YES

Item Type: Car DVR

GPS logger: External

Battery: built-in

Display Size: 9.88

Certification: CE

Memory Card Required Reding Speed: Class 6

Imaging Sensor: Sony IMX335

OSD Language: albanian

OSD Language: Arabic

OSD Language: Armenian

OSD Language: Azeri

OSD Language: Belarusian

OSD Language: Boolean text (Dutch South Africa)

OSD Language: Bulgarian

OSD Language: Catalan

OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified)

OSD Language: Chinese (Traditional)

OSD Language: Croatian

OSD Language: Czech

OSD Language: Danish

OSD Language: Dutch

OSD Language: English


OSD Language: Filipino

OSD Language: finnish

OSD Language: French

OSD Language: Galicia

OSD Language: Georgian

OSD Language: German

OSD Language: Greek

OSD Language: Haitian Creole

OSD Language: HEBREW

OSD Language: hindi

OSD Language: hungarian

OSD Language: Icelandic

OSD Language: indonesia

OSD Language: IRISH

OSD Language: Italian

OSD Language: japanese

OSD Language: KOREAN

OSD Language: latin

OSD Language: Latvian

OSD Language: Lithuanian

OSD Language: Macedonian

OSD Language: Malay

OSD Language: Maltese

OSD Language: Norwegian


OSD Language: POLISH

OSD Language: Portuguese

OSD Language: Romanian

OSD Language: RUSSIA

OSD Language: Russian

OSD Language: Serbian

OSD Language: Slovak

OSD Language: Slovenian

OSD Language: Spain's Basque

OSD Language: Spanish

OSD Language: Swahili


OSD Language: THAI

OSD Language: Turkish


OSD Language: Urdu India


OSD Language: Welsh

OSD Language: Yiddish

Pixels: 1200Mega

Rear Camera: YES

Display: IPS

Max External Memory: 64G

Dashcam: dash cam for car

dvr in the car: mirror dash cam

car camera: dash cam

dvr gps: dashcam 2k

Dvr mirror: car camera way

car dvr mirror: car dvr

Rearview mirror with camera: mirror camera for car

Mirror recorder: car camera recorder

➤Installation Type: Rearview Mirror, suitable for all vehicles with mirror
➤Screen(Display) Size: 10.0 Inch Touch IPS Screen
➤Chipset(Processor/CPU): Allwinner
➤Camera Sensor: Front 4MP + Rear 2MP
➤Camera Lens(Front): 6 Glass + 170 Degree Angle + F2.0 Aperture

➤Camera Lens(Rear): 4 Glass + 140 Degree Angle + F2.2 Aperture
➤Video Resolution(Front): 2560*1440P@30FPS

➤Video Resolution(Rear): 1920*1080P@30FPS
➤Photo Resolution: 12M
➤Video Code: H.264
➤Battery: Built-In (Built-in battery is very small, can not support working, only for save time&setting, please use original power charger when working)
➤OSD Languages: Russian, Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Arabic Turkish, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Czech, Italian, Slovak, Romanian, Thai, Vietnamese. (If you want other language, please contact with us after receive goods, we will help you upgrade new firmware, and new firmware will include your language)
➤Basic Features: G-Sensor, Cycle Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor, Time&Data Display, Wide Dynamic Range, Picture in picture display, ON/OFF Automatically
➤Memory Card: Micro SD Card, class 10 and 16GB to 128GB 
(Not included)
➤Rear Camera Upgrade: Support max 15 meters cable Rear Camera
➤Add Features: Night Vision, 2560*1440P front Camera With 1080P Rear Camera, 2.5K video resolution, WiFi, GPS tracking

Packing List

-1 x Packaging box
-1 x Mirror DVR
-1 x Car charger
-1 x User manual

-2 x Bandage

-1 x Gift
-1 x 1080P Night Vision Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable(Optional)
-1 x 1080P Night Vision Rearview Camera With 10 Meters Cable(Optional)

-1 x 1080P Night Vision Rearview Camera With 15 Meters Cable(Optional)
-1 x Buck Line For 24H Parking Monitoring(Optional)

Pay Attention

➤About 24h Monitoring:

The DVR is only compatible with cars that have a 12V power supply. A 24V power supply will burn the motherboard. If you want to use 24V, please add a 24V to 12V Converter(BL).
➤About Video:

 Our Car DVR is 1440P Video Recorder,must use high quality Class 10 TF Card, any low quality/low speed TF card all can't support our DVRs work normally, if you can't make sure you have good TF Card, please buy our Original TF Card together.

Main Features

Why choice brand E-ACE A37 ?

We are the leader brand with top No. 1 orders for this Car Dvr Mirror from year 2016. Following details are E-ACE products VS other brands products.

1. PK Chipset

E-ACE: Built-in Allwinner chipset, one of the top 3 chipsets in the industry.
It is a professional CPU for video recorder, which can support up to 6K (4K+2K) video resolution, with 1024M memory, and can run WiFi and GPS at high speed at the same time.
It can work well in the temperature range of -40℃ to 120℃.
Other: Build-in Generalplus chipset,it is the cheapest chip in the industry, and only can support 1080P video resolution.It can only run video recording and cannot support other functions.It can work only in the temperature range of -10℃ to 60℃.

2. PK Camera sensor

E-ACE: Front camera sensor is Sony IMX335P, it is 400 megapixels, Superior Night-vision by world class F1.8 6-Glass lenses,170°super wide angle.
Other: Front camera sensor is GC1064,it is only 100 mega pixels,only can support 720P resolution, 4-Glass lens, 120°wide angle without night vision.

3. PK Video resolution

E-ACE: Download the recorded videos, playback on computer, we can see the video resolution is real 2.5K(2560*1440P).
Other: Playback the recorded video on computer, the video resolution is 1080P(1920*1080P) or 720P(1280*720P).

4. PK Screen Display

E-ACE: With 9.66 inches IPS Screen, it is the highest definition screen in the industry.Provides users with a smooth touch experience,and more clear when watch the video on video recorder.
Other: With LCD screen, it is low definition digital screen, very popular before 10 years, only can playback max 720P videos.

5. PK WiFi function

E-ACE: Build in WiFi,install the App in smartphone,after connect with wifi,then can preview the video and download the video into smartphone, share wonderful video to your friends via social networks.
Other: Can't support WiFi,only can take the SD card out, and use card reader to download the videos into computer.

6. PK GPS function

E-ACE: Support GPS function, after connecting the GPS module, the speed and compass will be displayed on the screen, users can see the driving route and speed on the map when playing back the recorded video.
This will be important evidence if there is an accident.
Other: Can't support GPS function.

GPS Function(Optional)

Easily record your driving route, location, and speed on the GPS player.(To use GPS, you need to buy a GPS module)
Connect WiFi Control
You can control the DVR by connected mobile phonevia WiFi, like recording video, the file recorded video from the overwriting.taking photo, playback preview,parameter settings, etc.

Streaming Media DVR Mirror

Streaming media rear view mirror use full screen instead of original rear view mirror. Display rear image of vehicle on screen in real time through camera.

1:1 Split Screen

1:1 split screen design to switch front and rearview recording, big screen and clearly and ersily to check rear view.Touch screen to switch to front camera,back camera.

10 Inch Touch IPS Screen

We use the largest IPS Screen,with touch function,get more convenience for operation,get more higher resolution for videos/images display.

2.5D Curved Surface Screen

2.5D curved glass design, scratch-resistant, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint.

6 Glass HD Lens

The front camera image sensor is Sony IMX335, and 6-lens quality offers non-deforming images, together with 170° wide angle, captures the whole road’s picture in 1440P high resolution.

Front 2.5K +After 1080P Higher Quality Images

Real HD 1440P help to identify vital details such as license plates,driver actions and road features which may prove your innocence.

Dual Camera Simultaneously Recording

170 Degree Angle front camer with 140 Degree Angle Night vision Rear view Camera (Optional) that allows for simultaneously recording videos from two different angles. Two split view make you have clear view from front and back-up camera.

Real-time Display Reverse Parking view

Smart rear view angle switch between driving and parking.You could see all further vehicles and objects clearly behind. you while real-time driving and it will switch the rear view camera automatically to give a closer backup image when parking.

About Choosing The Length Of Rear Camera Cable

There are 3 lengths of rear camera (up to about 15 meters) can be chosen,suitable for cars of different lengths. Please choose the rear camera according to the length of your car. If you want to buy rearview camera with 10 meters or 15 meters, please contact us.

Loop Recording

When this feature is turned on, the memory card is full and the oldest video will be overwritten by the newly recorded video.However, videos under special conditions will not be overwritten, such as G-sensor, Parking Monitoring.


When your car is subjected to an impact or other emergency, the G sensor is triggered, so that the recorder immediately records and locks the video.

Parking Monitoring

When the machine is powered normally and the monitoring mode is on,if the vehicle body is bumped, the recorder will start monitoring video,thus protecting your property.(If you want 24H parking monitoring,please buy a Transformer Cable.)Buck Line

Use the buck line to not occupy the cigarette lighter interface.
First, connect the negative pole(black line) of the buck line to the ground of the car fuse box;
Secondly, if you want to continue monitoring after parking (the DVR works 24 hours), connect the positive pole(red line) of the buck line to the BAT interface of the car fuse box;
If you want to stop monitoring after parking (the DVR does not work after parking), connect the positive pole of the buck line to the fuse box ACC interface.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WDR technology can achieve very perfect video and image quality, regardless of whether the outside light is too bright or too dark.

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